This page is dedicated to all of the improper installations and problems we have found over the years.  To those in the electrical industry, we say WOW!  To the consumer, we say, this is the reason electrical work should be left to the professionals.

This is a picture of a 200 amp meter socket. That someone had cut  a portion of the back out to improperly install the conductors.

This is a picture of a 100 amp breaker box neutral connection bar.  As you can see the corrosion and the burned wires.  This was either caused by a loose connection or water leaking into the breaker box. 

This is a 60 amp meter socket.  Inside the meter socket, you will see that the incoming meter jaw(part that holds the electric meter in) has broken and is hanging loose.  This was caused by water leaking into the box over the years. 

Picture 1 of 2, this is a 100 amp meter socket that the cover had been put on wrong.  When the meter was removed, the cover fell, hit the incoming meter terminals, and welded itself to the improperly installed SSU.

Picture 2 of 2, this is the top of the meter socket pictured above. 

Please Check back, we are always finding more and more problems everyday!!!! We will post pictures when they are available.